Impressions Direct is in one business, and one business only—direct mail production. Period. End of story. We remain narrowly focused on direct mail production to ensure you receive best-in-class service and deliverables. This focus allows us to offer you more variety of direct mail production.

We deal with an enormous variety of package types, print specs and imaging options. Our favorite projects are the “impossible” jobs that nobody else wants. That’s where we particularly shine! Here’s a quick overview of our capabilities:

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2nd Impressions is a web based application
that allows you to create personalized web
landing pages for your mail recipients.

This gives you additional exposure and an opportunity to:

Offer more detail
Capture/update data
Track visits
Lift response rates
Close the sale!

We think of 2nd Impressions as “Direct Mail’s Missing Link.”
According to the DMA, nearly 33% of people respond to direct mail by going online. Until now, the direct mail industry has all but ignored this important trend. When you use 2nd Impressions, you’ll be at the cutting edge of direct mail thought and execution, giving you an important advantage over your competition!

Here’s How It Works
Upload Campaign Mail File:
Each recipient will then have a unique landing page built especially for them!

Print Personalized URLs on Each DM Piece: We’ll personalize each piece with the unique URL we’ve created for each recipient, giving them a fun, innovative response option!

Capture Visits to Personalized Landing Page: When your recipients visit their unique web addresses, they’re visiting web pages designed to support the direct mail piece they hold in their hands.

Upon arriving at their landing page, they receive a personalized welcome message, thanking them for visiting. They can even update their personal information or provide you with additional data!

Generate Leads, Print Reports & Follow Up:
2nd Impressions captures activity by recipient that you can use for
follow-up in real time!

Our comprehensive reports display campaign response rates, visitor patterns and detailed lead information, allowing you to follow up with leads as they come in!

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